Who doesn’t want a new ipad Pro. Those smooth lines, that magnetic pen! It really is a “magical piece of glass!” I have a perfectly good (older) iPad Pro myself. I use it to type notes and draw and it’s my go-to device to take to conferences to type notes on or use for social posts. Who am I kidding, it can do nearly everything my laptop can (but it’s lighter and leaner!) Nonetheless, I still want an upgrade! Those TV ads have been teasing me with the magnetic pen option - that I won’t be able to lose. And it charges wirelessly! With no lid! #winning I saw a friend with a new iPad Pro the other day and he was raving about it. In fact, it was probably that moment that made me arrange this giveaway! If you’re like me and think a new iPad Pro would make your life better, then you’ll probably also know a person who would want to be at this conference I’m organising. It’s called The Digital Summit and it’s full of marketers, innovators and digital leaders sharing the latest advances and opportunities in digital marketing. One lucky person who books their ticket to attend this week will win the iPad Pro!