Recalibrating your Marketing Strategies: Post COVID Planning

After a tumultuous few pandemic years, brands yet again, face a new challenge of recalibrating for a New Normal 2.0. Marketers are facing critical challenges in resetting KPIs and establishing a path to growth following yet another shift in customer behaviour. As consumer spending redistributes back to pre-pandemic levels, travel industries set to take off again and retail set into revenue protection mode; there will be alot of new tactics that will be required of a marketer to navigate the new wild-west of marketing. With the baseline that offers little in the way of predicting what might come next, marketers must band together to strategically solve continued uncertainty.

We all must face things that will not go back to the way they were. This event will explore the challenges, opportunities and the new bold methodologies that marketers need to implement to their strategy to achieve organisational success in the current business climate.

Thursday 19th May 2022
8am – 10:30am
The Grove on Level 32
480 Queen Street, Brisbane, 4000
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Yes, full refund on lockdown.
Marketing and Digital Marketers.
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Who is Speaking at the Event?

Brodie Capel

eCommerce B2C


Alex McCan

Performance Marketing Lead

Reload Media

Amy Ward

Chief Marketing Officer


Kate Cook

Topic Moderator

What Will We Cover?


Best Practice

Case Studies

Key Actions

As offices reopen their physical doors, we see the city well and truly bustling and almost back to its pre-pandemic heyday. Now is the time for Brisbane’s digital marketing, media and advertising industries to rally together and reimagine marketing in 2022. This is an in-person, must-attend, COVID circuit-breaking event!

Our expert speakers will share how they’re re-distributing resources, re-setting strategies and re-calibrating for these macro changes once again, providing in-market case studies and actionable steps to take back to your organisation.

What Will You Learn?

  • How to recalibrate baseline target, what analytics capabilities and approaches for look-back and look-forward reporting techniques
  • What analytics capabilities and personalisation techniques to target you ever-narrower segments
  • Strategies you need in your 2022 marketing arsenal including current agile, hybrid-working team structures, key budget spend areas
  • Current emerging trends, customer insights and the key categories that have forever changed
  • How are customers evolving the way they interact with channels and how this is influencing media strategies

Our Speakers

Brodie Capel:  Digital Manager HiSmile 

As the Digital Manager for HiSmile, Brodie will share how he transformed the organisations social and digital media presence during the iOS14 update. Brodie will breakdown his approaches and insights into diversification of a digital media mix and creative agility on TikTok and Meta. He will also share case studies and insights of how Hismile transitioned from a teeth whitening brand into a an oral care brand.


Amy Ward:  CMO & Head of National Brand Experience

Amy Ward is a marketing, brand and business leader, management consultant, strategic communicator, mentor and board director, with deep experience in organisations and sectors undergoing change and transformation. She specialises in brand, marketing, communication and digital strategy. Amy, informs and educate from all sides of the table, providing case studies and insights into creative solutions across brand, marketing, communications, customer and digital experience. Whether you are working within B2B or B2C, Amy’s current marketing strategies and insights will help your brand thrive in a post-covid market.

Alex McCan:  Performance Marketing Lead, Reload Media

In Alex’s presentation, he will discuss the impact Apple’s iOS14 update in 2021 has had on the social media advertising landscape. As well as this, Alex will discuss tactical updates you can make within Facebook Ads to remain iOS resilient and how you can strategically explore, test and evaluate new social channels to set your business up for privacy centric success.

Event Inclusions

4x Experts



  • The opportunity to network with attendees
  • Tea, coffee and a light snack will be served during the networking time
  • The audience will sit (theatre style) to listen to the presentations
  • We will have four speakers each presenting for 20 minutes
  • We will hold a panel Q&A (including audience questions) at the end
  • All attendees will automatically enter our business card draw on the day to have a chance to win great prizes.

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The Grove

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