Going Deeper with Topics

Night Time Social Event Seminar Virtual Lunch + Learn Industry Perspectives

As part of our launching into FY23/24 we going deeper with Networking Social Drinks, Seminar, and Virtual Lunch + Learn.

A three event suite on the role and future of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing and Digital Marketing.

Artificial Intelligence Unleashed

Morning Seminar

Lets hear from industry leaders including Microsoft, Adobe, Xero and Absolutely AI. Where are things going, what do you need to consider?


Best Practice

Case Studies

Key Actions
Thursday 17th August 2023
8am – 10:30am
The Grove on Level 32
480 Queen Street, Brisbane, 4000
Event Capacity
Marketing and Digital Marketers.
Individual Ticket
$85 ex GST
Team Ticket
$255 (4 for 3) ex GST
Seminar Recording Only NEW
$35 ex GST

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Event Inclusions

4x Experts



  • The opportunity to network with attendees
  • Barista made coffee & tea will be served during the networking time
  • The audience will sit (theatre style) to listen to the presentations
  • Each speaker will present for 20 minutes
Q & A?
For this event there will be no audience Q & A. However, the speakers will be available after the event for any direct questions you may have.




Fabio Braga

Chief Architect, Customer Success @ Microsoft

“AI is here, where is it going?”

Learn about how AI is changing the way we work and interact with others..

Fabio will cover

  • The Current State of AI
  • AI as a Platform?
  • AI for Changing Minds
  • The Interactive Marketing Campaign
  • What’s next for AI?

Kendra Vant

Executive GM Data & AI Products @ Xero

“How to navigate the AI ecosystem, wisely.”

There’s a dark side to using AI in marketing. This session will provide guidance on using AI responsibly.

Kendra will cover

  • How to avoid the “Creepy” Factor
  • Tips for selecting AI Tools and Providers
  • How to Protect your Brand

Jamie Ragen

CX Technology and Innovation Director @ Adobe Australia and New Zealand

“Using Gen AI to unleash your creative superpowers.”

Learn about the superior creative tools now available to marketers.

Jamie will cover

  • What’s the Future for Creatives?
  • Content Authenticity and Trust
  • Where Gen AI will go in the future

Jamie Sissons

Founder @ Absolutely AI

“What is the creative potential of AI?”

The capabilities available to content creators has been revolutionised through the use of AI

Jamie will cover

  • AI as Art
  • Hyper-Personalised Customer Experiences
  • Generative AI possibilities & examples

Seminar Venue

The Grove

Inspiring Location
Peer Networking

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