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Join a marketing mastermind group that comes together on a regular basis and allows senior marketers to have a close network of peers to collaborate with and get personalised input on challenges and opportunities.

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We provide ongoing training and support to help marketers to do their best work. Ensure your knowledge and skills are up to date and that you have a plan to make your hard work count.


Interactive Minds is a one-stop shop for marketers seeking best practice insights, innovation, practical tips for day-to-day tasks and long term success. The online training, templates and resources have had a dramatic impact on how I work today; both my mindset and skillset. I am better equipped to make decisions and find myself doing more productive and strategic work.

Ashleigh Conwell
Marketing Implementation Manager | Flight Centre


The Circle Is Now Open For New Members!

We are excited to announce that our exclusive mastermind program, The Circle, has opened its doors to new members. If you want to collaborate to solve challenges, identify opportunities and do your best work leveraging the input and experience of like-minded peers, this is your chance to be involved. If you are: A marketer who wants to demonstrate […]

What’s your Network Effect?

You’ve likely heard of the Network Effect – it’s a concept used to describe large scaling tech startups. It’s when adding additional users, adds to the value of that product to others. But how can you apply this concept to the way you work, to collaborate and get better outcomes? Think of the traditional example […]

Enrol In Our Free Workshop: Collaborate To Accelerate

Over the past few months I’ve been working on something big that I’m super passionate about and I’m excited to be able to share it with you! We are launching a free online workshop series called Collaborate to Accelerate, where I will take you through how you can use collaboration to do your best work. In […]

How To Get The Most From Your Email Marketing

Email marketing is undeniably one of the most effective marketing methods available. For that reason it’s a favourite tactic of marketers and is known for reasonable response rates whilst allowing you to talk directly to your own database. We recently had some very popular events on email marketing and I wanted to share some of […]


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