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It was over 12 years ago that Jen Story and I got the idea to run ‘a few networking events’ and bring the marketing industry together to share how to best navigate the digital marketing space. Back then, the first iPhone had just come out and there were a whole lot of other digital brands that hadn’t even been launched then!

Our first event was in September 2008 on the topic “Measuring Online Success, Beyond the Click”. We had 68 people attend that day! At the time I was 8 months pregnant with my first child and I never envisaged that Interactive Minds would run hundreds of events, bring together thousands of marketers, hear stories from hundreds of senior leaders in the industry and be supported by some of the best providers in the space.

It’s been an amazing experience!  But after 12 years and so many events across Australia + mastermind groups, a membership, a podcast and writing a book, it’s time for me to hand the reins to a team who can keep Interactive Minds fresh and who will continue to help marketers to learn, connect and be inspired about digital marketing! Therefore, this will be the last Interactive Minds event that I’m hosting and that I’ve had involvement behind the scenes. Over the last few months, I’ve been working with the new team who will be taking Interactive Minds forward. This team has actually been a partner of Interactive Minds for several years and stepped up when the opportunity became available to lead this industry-event-series moving forward.

Alex Trinh is leading the new Interactive Minds team and will be the best point of contact for all things Interactive Minds moving forward. Our event manager Samantha Horton, who has been with us for 5 years, will continue to work on the events too. A huge thanks to everyone who has come to events and supported us over the years! I look forward to seeing the Brisbane digital community continue to learn, connect and be inspired through Interactive Minds.

Louisa Dahl
Founder | Interactive Minds

What to expect at our Seminar

At Interactive Minds, we pride ourselves on our reputation of delivering carefully curated line-up of monthly speakers.

Industry Leading Speakers

At each 2.5 hours event our speaker line-up made up of 3-4 industry experts share their approach, latest examples, case studies and actionable takeaways.

Latest Marketing Trends Insights, Problems & Strategies

The topics covered have been carefully selected by your leading marketing peers and are always designed to support the modern marketer tackle the challenges the digital future presents

Industry Connections

Meet 100-200 key decision makers from marketing departments and leading brands and maximise on our dedicated networking time allocations.

Engagement & Participation

Participate and give your perspective during panel discussions. All presentations and key takeaways are distributed after every event.


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