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Join a marketing mastermind group that comes together on a regular basis and allows senior marketers to have a close network of peers to collaborate with and get personalised input on challenges and opportunities.

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We provide ongoing training and support to help marketers to do their best work. Ensure your knowledge and skills are up to date and that you have a plan to make your hard work count.


Interactive Minds has aided my transition into a marketing role by helping me to stay up-to-date with marketing approaches and trends in the industry. It’s really helpful to hear about best practice strategies from marketers locally and abroad.

Jessica Lunney
Social Media Manager | EY


Inbox Zero in 2 days

Last week, I decided to purge my inbox. It had been bothering me for a while that my inbox had jumped from the level it was at for most of last year (a very manageable 160 emails) to around 260 emails over the holiday period and it felt like I was never going to get […]

My New To Do List system

I’m a big fan of planning and process, and having a good system for my tasks is no exception. Of the years I’ve used Trello, Todoist, Asana, paper to do lists and we’ve even designed our own Interactive Minds daily to do list. But this year I wanted more. I wanted to find a to […]

Digital Marketing Insights from Noah Kagan

Do you know Noah Kagan? He’s the founder of AppSumo,, King Sumo, Send Fox and FAM. Noah came to Australia in 2013 as our very first international keynote speaker at The Digital Summit. I’m a big fan of his work and I love the way he asks questions and hearing his marketing and business […]

The 7 Magic Ingredients for Event Success

We all know how effective events are for bringing together the industry, clients and stakeholders, but what started as an idea from the CEO can land in your lap as a lot of work! If you’re thinking of putting on an event in 2020 but aren’t sure where to start, you’re in the right place. […]


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Episode 30

How Finder’s co-founder Fred Schebesta approaches marketing and growth
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How Coca-Cola used TikTok for a branded challenge with Simon Jackson
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Episode 28

How Suncorp use data driven media to reduce acquisition costs with Brooke Charlton
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Episode 27

How Summer Stories Launched with Influencers and PR with Felicity Loughrey
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