About Us

Interactive Minds has been running digital marketing events for over 10 years. During that time we have hosted over 130 events and welcomed over 4,000 attendees.

Our events are designed to enable marketing professionals to learn from experts, connect with others and be inspired by the opportunities of the digital marketing industry. We want to help digital marketers to shine at their jobs. Through our events and programs we aim to facilitate growth of the industry through showcasing effective work and providing opportunities to network and connect.

In 2019 Interactive Minds is running over 24 events across Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Newcastle.

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Interactive Minds Founder, Louisa Dahl leads a dedicated team of Chapter Directors who are supported by a small head office team. If you are interested in running Interactive Minds events in your city, join us as a Chapter Director.

Interactive Minds is proud to have a talented Advisory Panel to assist with planning our events and ensuring that our topics are of high priority to Digital Marketers. View the advisory panel.