Interactive Minds, is a thriving community of passionate marketers dedicated to empowering and inspiring professionals to conquer the ever-evolving digital landscape

Interactive Minds has been bringing together some of the brightest minds in the Australian marketing community for over 14 years.

Over this time, our monthly events have served as the central meeting point for the marketing industry, having hosted over 300 events and welcomed over 10,000 attendees.
Our events are designed to deliver top-level strategic and practical content that enables marketers to develop and execute new strategies to enhance their current and future marketing activities.

In 2023, we’re embarking on an exciting new journey, introducing a compelling approach that will revolutionise your experience with us.

What we do

We are taking a fresh perspective and diving deeper each quarter into a captivating focus topic. This topic will serve as the cornerstone for our engaging events, igniting curiosity and propelling knowledge around the latest trends and technologies.

This may include:


Prepare to be captivated as we bring together leading tech companies and brands from across Australia. Our seminars will immerse you in the expertise and experiences of 3-4 industry experts, unveiling their approaches to the quarterly topic. Get ready for thought-provoking discussions and insights that will fuel your marketing prowess.


Geographic boundaries will no longer hinder your quest for knowledge. Our virtual events offer a gateway for participants across the globe to join in, engaging with local and international experts. Unlock practical insights and discover groundbreaking strategies, no matter where you are.


Experience the power of interactive learning through our workshops and lunch and learn sessions. Dive deep into the latest practices and approaches in digital marketing, contextualized within the framework of our quarterly topic. Engage with industry leaders, exchange ideas, and acquire hands-on skills that will elevate your professional growth.

Social Networking Events:

Connect with like-minded professionals, forge invaluable connections, and expand networks at our social networking events. Unleash the potential of collaboration and share experiences in a vibrant atmosphere, fostering innovation and camaraderie.

Curated Industry Perspectives:

We understand that learning from diverse perspectives is invaluable. As requested by 72% of our community, we will be meticulously curating a collection of industry perspectives on each topic we cover. Explore the views of peers and leaders in new technologies and marketing trends, with a comprehensive list of resources and tools that will enhance your expertise.

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