We Are Podcast 2020 Event Wrap Up

Last week one of SE Queensland’s favourite events, We Are Podcast held their first online conference called We Are Podcast Sessions. I was involved as a panellist and was lucky enough to catch several of the other sessions of the event. This event was both for people who want a podcast, people who have a podcast and people who market podcasts. It also had advice for marketers in general who are using multiple platforms.

Here are some of my key learnings from We Are Podcast 2020:

  • Use a platform that will help you to turn your audience from a number into a person. Often this is Facebook, but use whatever platform works for you and your audience.
  • If you can get your podcast guests to be vulnerable, it will be genuine and authentic and provide the most value. Don’t stop asking questions when it gets to something vulnerable, rather proceed with empathy.
  • The Hemmingway app helps you to make your writing better.
  • Small hinges swing large doors – love this saying used by Barry Magliarditi
  • Group Funnels is a tool that will take the data people give when they join your Facebook Group and put it into a Google sheet for you.
  • Remember that you can use repurpose your audio content too. Think about any panels, events, other podcasts and videos you’ve been part of and think about how you can integrate that content into your own audio channels. **This was one of my biggest ah-ha moments of the event. Get ready to see some extra types of content in the Interactive Minds Podcast.
  • A common theme was that we need to keep going. Don’t give up too early. 97% of people quit at 25% of the way there. Be committed to the process, don’t be attached to the results. Enjoy every moment and keep going.
  • We don’t need to be super formal. Be yourself, be authentic. Don’t hide from vulnerability.
  • Dan Martell shared some valuable info around a process to create magnetic content.
  • “All big insights happen in the pause. In the few moments after a question”. Thanks Taki Moore. He also said “It’s guesswork or it’s hard work or it’s framework!”

Podcast links from the speakers I saw: