Is it just me, or is 2019 passing us by? We are nearly halfway through the year and at first glance it can seem that all that we have worked on this year has gone in a flash. That's why this month I've done a quick "month in review" activity. Because I know I've achieved a lot, but unless I take a moment to pause and review it, it can feel like I've done nothing. So I've created a template (taking inspiration from a friend who did his own weekly review concept) and am sharing it here with you so that you too can take a moment to acknowledge your progress, wins, failures and be focussed for the month ahead. I've enjoyed filling this in. Seeing what I have actually managed to get done (in the month of endless short weeks) and thinking about what I'm actually proud of and also recognising what I've learnt from (yes they are the failures!). I hope this might get you thinking too. You can download this in a PDF format here.