The Interactive Minds training program is currently open to new members for a limited time! 

We are excited to announce that we have opened our marketing training program to new members for 5 days only - and we would love for you to join us!

The Interactive Minds membership program has been designed specifically for marketers who want to stay current and keep learning; with all the training and support you need to feel confident and take your marketing results to the next level.

The ongoing training includes:

  • Two expert-led training sessions each month on important topics for marketers, to keep your skills fresh (check out some of our recent topics).
  • A forum to ask questions and get expert marketing input on your situation, to know you’re on the right track.
  • A monthly update on the latest news, tech and campaigns industry leaders are seeing, to keep you inspired and on top of the latest thinking.
  • Exclusive training across the whole Deliberate Marketer framework is launching soon, to take your relevance, relationships, resources, results and reputation to the next level.
  • Plus loads more, including meetups, member-only offers and marketing templates!

Treat us like your ultimate training partner! We’ll help you to book time in your calendar for regular training, plus access our network and leverage learnings from over a decade of bringing training and events to marketers across Australia.

Whether you work in a team or by yourself, if you are ready to focus your efforts and follow a plan to achieve real marketing results, let Interactive Minds support you on this journey. All this marketing training and support is available for just $44 a month (or pay annually) until 5pm (AEST) this Friday 29th November 2019, at which time we will close the doors again for another few months. Join us now and lock in this amazing price (before it goes up!) PLUS we will post all new members this week a Deliberate Marketer Starter Pack so you can put your best foot forward on this journey. Don’t wait! If you’re looking to level up, this is the time to take control of your professional development and join us now.