Marketers now have more resources than ever to understand their most valued customers better. Using data and analytics enables unique consumer insights to be explored which can drive growth, create longer term loyalty and make marketing more relevant.

Being customer centric is reaping the benefits of placing the customer at the heart of what you do.

In his keynote presentation in May 2016, Jeremiah Andrick, Head of Global eCommerce and Digital Marketing at Logitech will explore how design thinking, data and rethinking interactions can grow your brand and increase sales.

Find out how and why Logitech focus on customer intent and the implications of approaching your targeting a different way. Jeremiah will provide background on the shifts in the market place that led to the adoption of a customer centric approach and how consumers are interacting with brands differently.

Benefits of reframing your business around customer centricity include:

  • More effectively prioritise your marketing plan for customer acquisition 
  • Focus your KPI’s on real customer engagement measurements and satisfaction scoring
  • Save money on acquisition costs and implement a more efficient plan