When did you last take a moment to sharpen the axe?

In an industry as rapidly changing as the digital marketing industry, sharpening the axe isn't optional, it's a necessity (or you get left behind!)

Combining my love of digital marketing with events, it's no surprise to hear that I sharpen the axe by learning from others. I love being at an event and being inspired by the speakers, seeing what others are doing and then going off on a tangent in my head and jotting down notes, motivations and things I want to do when I get back to my desk. Often I come away from conferences with a whole plan of attack written out!

Our 2015 series of Digital Summit events (held in Brisbane recently and coming up later this month in Melbourne) are a great way to sharpen the axe. And after our Brisbane conference we heard delegates using terms like "brain expanding", "inspiring", "insightful" and "full of ideas" which shows I'm not the only one who sharpens their axe at events! Sometimes it's hard to take a day out of the office for an event. But let's face it, not taking the time to sharpen the axe ultimately makes it even harder.  Take a moment and schedule in some time to sharpen your axe so that you can work to your potential!