How exciting! After 12 months of effort, my new book, The Deliberate Digital Marketer, is now available! I wrote this book to share what I’ve discovered about the framework of high performers in the industry, and also to help digital marketers to leverage the activities they can do to stand out, get ahead and receive exciting opportunities. I’m passionate about digital marketers doing meaningful work and achieving results. I understand that we are all swamped with prioritising the amount of work on our plates, whilst staying up to date and managing stakeholder expectations. If you want to be successful in your role, combat overwhelm, achieve results and feel good about your work, this book will assist you with ideas and methods that you can implement to be deliberate about your career.

Identifying High Performers

After seventeen years in the digital marketing industry, much of my time is now spent identifying marketing leaders who can share their success, knowledge and learnings with others through events and training. Through this process I’ve identified the consistent qualities that successful digital marketers share and documented them in a way that other people can use. These aren’t entirely new concepts, you’ve likely heard these things before and maybe even implemented parts of them. But what’s required for success, is deliberate effort and a plan to bring it all together. This book contains many tips that I wish I’d known earlier and that would have helped me to leverage my hard work and efforts in a way to benefit me beyond the current project, campaign or client. As part of writing this book, I interviewed a number of industry leaders who shared some of their tips and processes including:
  • Cat Matson, Chief Digital Officer, City of Brisbane
  • David Gram, former Marketing Director, Future Lab, LEGO Group
  • Wes Finley, Product Marketing, Facebook
  • Jeremiah Andrick, Executive Director Ecommerce Virtual Reality, HTC
  • Laura Campbell, Director, Deloitte Digital

Be Deliberate

If you want to know more about how you can leverage this framework, order a paperback copy of The Deliberate Digital Marketer or download it on Kindle from Amazon. You can also subscribe to our FREE 7 day Deliberate Digital Marketer challenge where I’ll email you a tip every day that you can implement.