Episode 40

Learnings from a failed content project

Learnings from a failed content project

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In today’s digital marketing podcast, Louisa interviews Amanda King, SEO Specialist at Optus.

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In this episode, Louisa and Amanda talk about a topic not discussed enough – how a content project can get off track and what you can do to pivot. In this conversation Amanda shares her SEO tips and tools, explains the flywheel effect and talks about how much content for she believes is needed for QDF (Query Deserves Freshness).

Here are three things you’re going to learn:

  1. How a content project can be waylaid by approvals and what you can do to pivot
  2. The flywheel effect that you should leverage in content publishing
  3. The recent changes to SEO and content that might change how you write

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Links from this episode:
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Amanda’s top people to follow:
Bill Slawski
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Simo Ahava (analytics)
Portent / Ian Lurie

More about entities and natural language processing:
Knowledge graph & entitles from SEM Rush and Search Engine Journal

You can get in touch with Amanda at Amanda[dot] king [at]optus.com.au

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