Episode 39

A marketing methodology to thrive in a global pandemic

A marketing methodology to thrive in a global pandemic

Photo of Ray Blakney Starring Ray Blakney

In today’s digital marketing podcast, Louisa interviews Ray Blakney, CEO and Co-Founder of Live Lingua

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In this episode, Louisa finds out how Ray runs his three businesses Live Lingua, Infinite Upcycle and Twiducate.com from Mexico and the lessons and learnings he’s discovered in over 20 years in business. They also discuss some of Ray’s favourite SEO tools, how to use content to your advantage and how Live Lingua was created around the time of Mexican Swine Flu and what that’s meant for the business now. Plus, hear about Ray’s new, soon-to-launch business in the podcasting space.

Here are three things you’re going to learn:

  1. The 5 pillar content amplification methodology that Ray uses
  2. Why his business was poised to thrive during a global pandemic
  3. The favourite tools Ray recommends for keyword and competitive research

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The 5 Pillar Content Amplification Methodology that Ray explained included these steps:

  1. Research keywords and competitive backlinks
  2. Content Creation
  3. Amplification
  4. Email Outreach – backlink generation
  5. Evaluate Content

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Tools Mentioned:
Google Keywords Planner (free version)
Keywords Everywhere
Scrape Box

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