Episode 34

How to get your next senior role with Nick McIntosh from Zendrive

How to get your next senior role with Nick McIntosh from Zendrive

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In today’s show, Louisa interviews Nick McIntosh, Senior Director of Product Management at Zendrive about his move from working in digital marketing in Brisbane to what turned into a senior product role in China and then onto finding a new role in San Francisco.

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In this episode, Louisa and Nick delve into what’s actually involved in finding a new senior role as well as Nick’s approach and learnings along the way.

Here are four things you’re going to learn:

  1. Finding the right balance in setting your criteria for your next role
  2. A structured job search process you can follow with 5 channels to cover off
  3. Why you need to refine your story around solving problems
  4. How to really use LinkedIn to get connected with meaningful contacts

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Nick shares his job hunt learnings in this article

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