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How Westpac attract digital business customers with a killer feature with Drew Unsworth

How Westpac attract digital business customers with a killer feature with Drew Unsworth

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Attracting customers to a new product or service isn’t always a linear journey. It’s important to both get the product right and to promote it in the best possible way. And creating something properly and at scale is one of the big challenges.

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On this episode of Interactive Minds, Louisa speaks with Drew Unsworth, the Head of Digital Banking Transformation and Performance at Westpac. 

Drew has been in the digital industry for a little over 30 years, working within the banking and financing sector his entire career. Drew’s innovative ideas and strategies brought him into the digital realms of some of Australia’s most well-known banking organisations, such as the Commonwealth Bank and Xero, and now in the digital business division at Westpac. 

In this role Drew drives their digital marketing strategies and platforms, and endeavours to create effective customer experiences for all Westpac’s business clients.

Drew and Louisa explore Drew’s current role, including how he organises his workweek, how the team is structured and a killer feature that Drew has worked on at Westpac called Biz Invoices which has been successful in attracting new customers. 

Some highlights in this episode include:

  • How Westpack business banking has a target of 20% exclusive online sales, up from 14% twelve months ago.
  • The way Drew structures his team of 40 into four streams of work being: pipeline of initiatives (next thing they will build and priorities), sales (more traffic, conversion and tracking), analytics (A/B testing) engaging with frontline staff and educating them on converting customers with a digital experience.
  • Drew did some early promotion of the Biz Invoice feature by extracting customer data and looking for unusual customers – and then turning a story of an early adopter into a video. It ended up being a top YouTube video for Westpac!
  • Repurposing the YouTube video to use for pre-roll, a pop-up box and testimonials. They then created a playbook that could be used across other areas of the business.
  • Whilst other banking services can copy elements of the product, they can’t copy the intent, it’s only a copy. Often they don’t know why they copied it which impacts how good it actually is.
  • In hindsight Drew would have built category awareness of the new feature through advertising earlier, and potentially considered using influencers.
  • Drew loves to travel and to hack points for travel so he built a website on the side with a friend called “Points Brotherhood”. They create a story every two days and recently built a simple foreign exchange calculator for $50. He mentions how this project keeps his brain alive and how much he’s learnt about search in this process. He looks at his blog numbers every single day and continually tweaks the content to optimise for search.


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