Episode 23

How Noah Kagan uses digital marketing in his business

How Noah Kagan uses digital marketing in his business

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What digital marketing tactics does internet veteran Noah Kagan use for his own business? In this interview, you’ll hear his thinking around how marketing can best be used in a business.

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If you need to look at your prioritisation and what will work in your marketing, this podcast is for you.

In this episode, Louisa talks to Noah Kagan, creator of AppSumo, Sumo, SendFox and FAM. Noah shares how the businesses came about and how many of his products have been formed after they developed a tool for their own use and then made it available to others.

Noah shares his tips and perspectives on ways to make marketing easier and less expensive for other entrepreneurs.

Noah and Louisa discuss the effectiveness of email marketing and the key benefits of email being universal and free. Since email is not owned by one person or one company, everyone has the opportunity to use it.

Also discussed within this episode:

  • What Noah would do differently with his product launch in hindsight
  • Should you give up on a project if it doesn’t work right from the gate?
  • Why you shouldn’t forget about the boring things
  • Why marketing growth is about consistency and channel focus
  • What is the best frequency for email marketing and how you get quality
  • Noah’s approach to podcasting and why he never looks at his podcast numbers
  • How Noah organises his week ahead of time
  • How you measure what makes a great day vs. an ok day
  • Where hyper-growth comes from
    Some of the tools Noah mentioned are Quora, MeetGlimpse


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