How St Pauls School uses awards to build credibility with Dylan Malloch

How St Pauls School uses awards to build credibility with Dylan Malloch

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We know that awards are good for team moral and to demonstrate the work that we can do, but how can awards be taken further to be used as a real strategy to drive business growth.

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In this episode, Louisa is joined by Dylan Malloch, the Director of Marketing and Communications at St. Paul’s School in Queensland, Australia. Dylan started his career as a PR consultant, which he feels helped prepare his career in marketing.

Dylan had a plethora of meaningful advice for those looking to succeed in the marketing sector, but the theme laced through all his words of wisdom was the importance of credibility. The first step to credibility in your career is understanding your market. To do this, Dylan says it’s important to talk to as many people as possible in your field, both inside the sector and those in the buyer’s market. Looking at your product or brand from other perspectives than your own is how you learn to persuade others to buy.

Dylan also talked about how awards are a great way to gain credibility in the eyes of your audience and gave us some tips on how to get started with the entry process.

Also in this episode:

  • How conflicting career advice can actually be helpful
  • How to evaluate your market
  • How to ask for resources in order to understand your market
  • How awards win trust
  • What’s “Parking Lot Time” and how to use it
  • How reading books outside your comfort zone broadens your perspective
  • How to figure out what you want to be known for


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