How Grant Thornton use webinars as a lead generation tool with Brittney Kenward

How Grant Thornton use webinars as a lead generation tool with Brittney Kenward

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Webinars can captivate, educate and engage your target audience. These underestimated marketing tools can effectively drive your business towards capturing more leads, whilst also increasing sales and adding the potential for an additional revenue stream.

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On this episode of Interactive Minds, Louisa speaks with Brittney Kenward, a proactive digital marketer at the top tier accounting firm, Grant Thornton in Brisbane. Her role involves driving online growth through automation and multi-channel digital strategies using media channels, social media, email marketing and websites.

In this interview, Brittney discusses her early introduction into the world of marketing, and her masterful approach to kick-starting her marketing career. Brittney explains the value webinars can bring to a business and the elements you need to consider to deliver the most value for your target market.

Also featured in this episode:

● The value in pre-recorded and on-demand webinars
● How to implement webinars – the basics
● The nurture sequences for nurturing your webinar attendees
● How Grant Thornton utilises LinkedIn ads
● Brittney’s list obsession – how to organise your day and team projects


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