How Autodesk are thinking about the future of marketing with Deb Manning

How Autodesk are thinking about the future of marketing with Deb Manning

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There is a commonality between marketing and fortune-telling. While fortune-tellers read a crystal ball, cards or palms, marketers are reading the data and trends of industry, aiming to predict the behaviour of consumers to find new and innovative ways to engage and connect. And for those marketers that do predict the future, the possibilities are limitless.

Welcome to Interactive Minds, where each week digital marketing and business professional Louisa Dahl, shares with you the tangible takeaways and recipes for marketing success. She is joined by a host of passionate marketers, innovators and digital leaders from across the globe. 

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On this episode of Interactive Minds, Louisa chats with Deb Manning, Senior Manager of Global Marketing Programs and Promotions at Autodesk. Deb is a creative, competent, strategically focused marketing professional with comprehensive experience managing marketing campaigns across a variety of industry segments. 

Deb is passionate about marketing, digital disruption and is also a member of The Circle, Interactive Minds’ own mastermind.

Deb shares with Louisa how she started working with Autodesk as a reseller, then into the manufacturing area before moving into an Asia-Pacific role that was managing a virtual team. In the Asia-Pacific role, she learnt how different cultures interact from internal teams through to clients via the exposure to the diverse areas within the Asia-Pacific area. Finally taking on her current role looking at how to scale programs globally and creating messaging across diverse audiences. 

What you can also discover in this episode:

  • The future role of marketers
  • What a global marketing role really looks like
  • Why internal systems and marketing campaigns work hand in hand
  • How marketers need to be the custodians of change
  • The challenges making sure that products always make sense to customers
  • How sales and marketing teams can collaborate for ideal outcomes
  • What other global companies are doing and the lessons that can be taken from them
  • The way Deb manages working with multiple time zones and the flexibility required for a global role
  • How technology assists in managing virtual roles
  • The reason that routines and one on one connection allow Deb to successfully manage her team
  • The advantages that smaller business have in adopting future technologies and approaches 


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