How Camplify are growing a thriving community with Dave Eddy

How Camplify are growing a thriving community with Dave Eddy

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Starting a business to fill a void in a particular market is a tried and tested way of establishing a successful business. Focusing on the needs of your clients and making sure those first few initial engagements are as successful as possible will create a foundation for future growth and expansion.

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On this episode of Interactive Minds, Louisa chats to Dave Eddy. Dave is the co-founding CMO of Camplify – the Airbnb for caravans & motorhomes. Camplify is on a mission to become the world’s largest and most trusted caravan & motorhome sharing community, making ‘van life’ accessible to all. Launched in 2016, Camplify has grown to a 2019 valuation worth $25m and services Australia, England, New Zealand and Spain.

Dave is also the Managing Director at Newcastle-based digital agency Redback Solution; a full-service digital agency on a mission to be the most valuable digital agency in regional Australia for our clients.

Dave and Louisa discuss how a chance meeting at a conference, lead to what Camplify is today. Dave shares how he is able to juggle his responsibilities between two large businesses and how he divides his time. He outlines a typical day which includes a balance of meeting both personal and business needs. And why an early start (5 am) and tackling a couple hours of work before most people start their day, allows him to stay on top of managing two successful businesses.

What you can also discover in this episode:

  • How Dave has grown Camplify
  • The most important thing in growing a community in a local market
  • The metrics to measure that matter
  • How to establish a team culture in a growing business
  • Why he knew there would be challenges with starting the Camplify business model
  • How the focus on customer service and experience are the foundation for the business’s success
  • The benefits of community management and utilising social media
  • Why Camplify does not want to be a faceless online business and encourages customers to speak to them when needed
  • How focusing on an initial base of clients first and getting them results, has allowed Camplify to grow internationally


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