How to launch a side hustle while doing your digital day job with Tim Dwyer

How to launch a side hustle while doing your digital day job with Tim Dwyer

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Planning and process are foundational aspects of digital marketing. However, there are unique advantages in applying methodologies designed for other business functions, such as system development and roll-out, that can give digital marketers an advantage in a saturated market.

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In this episode, Louisa speaks to Digital Strategy and Planning Manager, Tim Dwyer. As well as working for a large corporate, Tim is also the co-founder of Summer Stories, a range of all-natural shower essentials that highlights Australian botanicals. And last but not least, he’s Louisa’s cousin-in-law.

Tim has had a roundabout journey into the digital space. He started his career as an analyst for Deloitte Australia before moving across to be a Senior Consultant in the Brisbane Deloitte Digital practice. In this role, Tim was responsible for creating quality digital experiences and exploring and understanding the impact of emerging and exponential technologies on business.

His experience includes digital strategy and service design, as well as business analysis and project management. He has experience across a vast number of industries with focus areas being financial services and the public sector.

Louisa and Tim discuss the path that Tim’s career has taken and the advantages that a financial and technical background has supported his move into a digital role. Tim explains the way that Agile methodology, while designed for system development and roll-out, can assist with the creation and implementation of digital strategies.

Tim also shares what he is learning while growing his side hustle, Summer Stories, and how the skills developed in running a business, are transferring to his day job.

What you can also discover in this episode:

  • Why systems and structure are the perfect background for digital strategies
  • The focus in his current role on their digital team and the focus on industry trends
  • How his financial services Digital Team looks at the way consumer behaviour changes the future of the industry
  • Why a financial background helped to shift to a digital role
  • The challenges around using Agile methodology in the digital space
  • How a diverse team of specialists bring a unique approach to digital strategy to give the Deloitte team an advantage
  • Ways that digital data can be broken down and show what’s working and what’s not
  • Why “just starting” is a perfect approach to new ventures
  • The reason why a side hustle can help you to develop skills for use in the day job


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