Episode 13

How proactive campaigns can add value to customers and the company with Matthew Clymo

How proactive campaigns can add value to customers and the company with Matthew Clymo

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We’ve all heard that the best laid plans often go wrong. While this old saying may hold some truth, when it comes to running a successful customer campaign, going from idea to perfect execution may just be down to a case of proactive project monitoring.

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In this episode, Louisa gets right into the ins and outs of a successful campaign project with Matthew Clymo, the commercial product and trade marketing director at NewsCorp in Queensland. Matthew has been a solid figure in the marketing space for over 15 years, with multiple media roles being a consistent thread.

Matthew has spent time working on client and sales research, and insight projects for Austereo, in Sydney. In 2009, he moved into the Sunshine State faculty as part of their research and insights team – where he focused on consumer behaviour, brand strategy and media. He later shifted to APN Australian Regional Media, where he successfully created an award winning strategic sales function before moving to News Corp in 2017.

Louisa and Matthew get right to the heart of what it takes to generate an effective, proactive customer campaign. They delve into how a solid idea can successfully go all the way to execution, why you must monitor and optimise succinctly along the way and why you have to have an excellent plan to execute.

What you can also discover in this episode:

  • Matthew’s current role and what an average day looks like for him – blending the creative with the insightful
  • Matthew’s proactive approach to a unique ad campaign 
  • Why it’s imperative to understand the clients’ objectives 
  • Examining the campaign’s results – Matthews evaluation 
  • The astonishing numbers behind a successful campaign 
  • Why having a secret goal gets you hitting project benchmarks 
  • What Matthew has learned and the advice he brings forward 
  • Why you should keep your team small 
  • What monitoring a project can do to boost an audience 
  • How to manage your time and stay productive on a daily basis


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