Episode 12

How digital can start a conversation with Rita Arrigo

How digital can start a conversation with Rita Arrigo

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Innovations in technology and software are some of the hottest topics right now in the digital space. Envisioning what’s possible can be a team effort, so co-collaborating may be the way forward when it comes to planning strategies for future technologies.

Welcome to Interactive Minds, where each week digital marketing and business professional Louisa Dahl, shares with you the tangible takeaways and recipes for marketing success. She is joined by a host of passionate marketers, innovators and digital leaders from across the globe. If you want easily digestible marketing tips from the industry’s top leaders, this is the podcast is for you.

In this episode Louisa has an in depth conversation with Microsoft’s chief digital officer, Rita Arrigo. Rita’s diverse role enables her to provide digital advisory services and technology leadership, while also creating value with emerging technologies such as AI, data IOT, block chain and mixed reality.

Rita is officially a problem solver with a passion for fledgling technology. With over 25 years’ experience in delivering and deploying online and IT solutions, she strives to enhance everyone’s lives with the kind of technology that is fun and easy to use.

Louisa and Rita delve into the fascinating world of Microsoft. They lift the curtain on some of the most current case studies related to Computer Vision that Rita is spearheading. They also discuss what opportunities working together and co-collaborating can bring and how you can keep abreast of the new and innovative technology opportunities.

What you can also discover in this episode:

  • How Rita helps organisations understand their digital transformation initiatives 
  • Exploring the other technological aspects at Microsoft 
  • What a typical day looks like for Rita 
  • Rita’s globally diverse team and how she stays connected 
  • How a new computer vision project was the result of a week-long ‘Hackathon’ 
  • Why Rita loves Instagram for promotion 
  • The value and potential in co-creation opportunities 
  • How Rita uses storytelling to bring something to life and get the buy-in 
  • Why dividing your day can keep you innovative and open minded


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