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How this agency structures its team for success with Russ Macumber from Impressive

How this agency structures its team for success with Russ Macumber from Impressive

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Having an exclusively in-house team can be highly effective. With so many digital companies choosing to outsource, there could be a vital differentiator missing when it comes to generating the best results from a team. 

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In this episode, Louisa interviews Russ Macumber, the talented strategy director from the Melbourne based digital agency, Impressive Digital. At Impressive Digital, Russ and his team engineer effective strategies and data-driven techniques that transform fledgeling businesses into inspiring success stories. Not only is Russ a digital guru, but he is a renowned keynote speaker as well as the dynamic host of the Impressive Digital Marketer podcast.

Russ works alongside an award winning, results delivering team, and in this episode we explore how you can structure an agency that doesn’t pot-in to outsourcing, how Impressive Digital ensures its team is up to date on the latest digital marketing trends and ways you too can build and structure healthy cultures within your company. 

Here’s just some of what Louisa and Russ cover in this episode:

  • Russ dives deeper into his strategy director role at Impressive Digital 
  • From conducting weddings to the digital marketing space
  • How team structuring is accomplished at Impressive Digital
  • Why Impressive Digital opts in for a client tier structure 
  • The main benefits surrounding maintaining an internal team
  • The evolution of Impressive’s in-house structure
  • Why honing in on specialist roles and skills is a massive business booster
  • Growing and maintaining the Impressive culture – The Activity Pitch


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