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How SAP use influencer marketing to power their content with Ursula Ringham

How SAP use influencer marketing to power their content with Ursula Ringham

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Rather than being a fringe, ad-hoc marketing tactic, a well-defined, long-term influencer marketing program can be a star performer in your overall promotional mix.

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In this episode, Louisa talks with one of the world’s leading innovators in the influencer marketing space, and head of global influencer marketing at the technology giant SAP, Ursula Ringham. In her role at SAP, Ursula has proven that even a B2B business with a complex product offering can effectively use influence marketing as a promotional tool, and see excellent results.  

Listen on and discover how Ursula uses influences marketing in practice, how she establishes and builds relationships with top influencers, how she gets the most bang for the buck out of the content they produce, and how it can prove a valuable marketing strategy for any type of business. 

Here’s just some of what Louisa and Ursula cover in this episode:

  • Ursula’s journey into influencer marketing
  • Where influencer marketing fits in the bigger picture at SAP
  • How a B2B company uses influence marketing in practice
  • Why you need to have a scope of work in place for influencers
  • The type of content you can generate through influencers (and a hint it’s not all about social)
  • Finding and establishing relationships with influencers and thought leaders
  • Campaign example: The Catalyst Program
  • How to get a whole lot of content from a single controlled ‘event’
  • Informing influences and creating authentic conversations
  • How to create evergreen content and keep it working
  • Effectively using influencers for amplification
  • How to set benchmarks for an influencer program


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