Episode 5

How to Create a Demand Generation Engine with James Gunn from TechnologyOne

How to Create a Demand Generation Engine with James Gunn from TechnologyOne

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When it comes to marketing automation, demand generation engine can provide an effective and accountable way of providing an on-going stream of qualified marketing leads to your sales team.

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In this episode, Louisa gets her marketing geek on with James Gunn, marketing operations manager at Australia’s largest enterprise software company, TechnologyOne. James is a marketing automation specialist and former consultant who has spent his career working with high-profile technology companies in the UK and Australia.

During the episode, James and Louisa work through a case study of how James and the marketing team at TechnologyOne has implemented a demand generation system that not only provides the sales team with on-going stream of quality leads, but that has also lifted the perceived value of the marketing function within the business.

What to look forward to in this episode:

     A background to James’s career and his role at TechnologyOne
     Why he’s so passionate about marketing having a seat at the revenue table
     The best way to approach a project like this internally
     Moving from a single to multi-touch attribution model
     Marketing automation tools James is using
     What does a demand generation engine actually mean
     Creating a demand generation engine at TechnologyOne – step by step
     Making the best use of external consultants
     Defining what a lead generation process looks like
     Building an automation journey that makes sense to the customer
     Making the most of existing systems like Marketo
     Important metrics around using a demand generation engine
     Results, key learnings and tips 

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