Episode 4

How To Leverage Surveys and Validate Your Market like Ryan Levesque

How To Leverage Surveys and Validate Your Market like Ryan Levesque

Photo of Ryan Levesque Starring Ryan Levesque

If you want to understand the pain points and frustrations your customers are experiencing, a survey is your key to getting things right.

Welcome to Interactive Minds, where each week digital marketing and business professional Louisa Dahl, shares with you the tangible takeaways and recipes for marketing success. She is joined by a host of passionate marketers, innovators and digital leaders from across the globe. If you want easily digestible marketing tips from the industry’s top leaders, this is the podcast is for you.

In this episode, Louisa chats with Ryan Levesque the man behind international bestseller, The ASK Method. It was named the #1 Marketing Book of the Year, and was heavily featured in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Forbes, and Entrepreneur.  The ASK method Company strives to teach entrepreneurs how to launch and grow their business online through their online training, coaching programs, and live workshops.

His latest book Choose seeks to tackle the important questions surrounding starting a business, and helps his readers avoid the biggest mistakes when it comes to launching.

Ryan’s incredible story has seen him evolve into one of the marketing industry’s more prominent thought leaders. In this episode, Ryan explains what pushed him to leave neuroscience behind and start carving a new career path. He highlights some of his trial and error methods, while explaining how you can get to know your customers better through effective surveys.

Also featured in this episode

  • Ryan’s extraordinary back story – How scrabble tiles spelt big business
  • The hectic day-to-day schedule within Ryan’s business and why he loves it
  • How Ryan found and developed his evergreen marketing skills
  • Why you should be using surveys to understand your customers
  • What is SMIQ, and how can it mean better business for your brand
  • Going in a new direction? – Why you need a deep dive survey
  • How frequently you should publish surveys
  • Avoiding customer-survey fatigue
  • Ryan’s new book ‘Choose’
  • How to know your market is the right size – should you change things up?
  • The amazing edge Google trends can give your business
  • Why Ryan is a stickler for trial and error vs going all in


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