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How to manage your social media like Facebook with Wes Finley

How to manage your social media like Facebook with Wes Finley

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Facebook is undeniably one of the leaders in social media innovation. Although they have maintained this position for well over a decade, Facebook still has to contend with marketing and development challenges, just like other global organisations.  

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In this episode, Louisa speaks with the highly acclaimed senior marketing and communications specialist Wes Finley. In 2016, Wes joined the Facebook team as their Social Media Marketing Lead, taking responsibility for their social media channels including publishing, analysis, measurement and collaboration. Wes has an extraordinary work history, gaining a majority of his experience when he stepped in as Global Social Operations Director for Coca Cola and Live Content Manager for CNN.   

Wes has a truly original approach to social media management and in this episode, we get a fascinating glimpse into the mind of the social media mogul. He walks us through some of his tried-and-true social media best practices, how we can build the best collaboration platforms and tackles the question – should we be investing so much in paid social content?

Also featured in this episode:

  • How Wes became a social media pioneer
  • Working behind the scenes at Facebook
  • How to build a collaboration platform
  • How much content should be campaign based
  • Should paid content be a necessity
  • Why Twitter is a lifeline for Facebook
  • How global audiences utilize Facebook
  • How Wes manages moderation on the collaborative platforms
  • How Facebook facilitates repurposing and leveraging its content
  • Uncovering the most surprising thing Wes has come across as Facebook
  • The social media marketing topics that work better than the rest


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