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How marketers can develop a thought leadership platform with Tamara McCleary from Thulium

How marketers can develop a thought leadership platform with Tamara McCleary from Thulium

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Thought leaders are often seen as an authority within their niche, based upon their expertise and knowledge.  As a marketer, what if you could be the authority and develop your own thought leadership platform, bolstered by your unique marketing expertise?

Welcome to Interactive Minds, where each week digital marketing and business professional Louisa Dahl, shares with you the tangible takeaways and recipes for marketing success. She is joined by a host of passionate marketers, innovators and digital leaders from across the globe. If you want easily digestible marketing tips from the industry’s top leaders, this is the podcast is for you.

In this episode, Louisa speaks with multi award winning marketer, Tamara McCleary. Tamara is the CEO of Thulium, the social media marketing agency that focuses on strategy, storytelling and analytics. Tamara is a pioneer in data driven social media marketing, advising some of the globe’s top technology companies such as Verizon, IBM, Mercer, Dell EMC, and AWS.  Her dynamic approaches to digital marketing has won her the esteemed title of #1 Most Influential Women in MarTech by B2B Marketing, as well as Top Digital Marketer by Brand 24 in 2019.

Tamara has a unique and refreshing outlook on how great marketing strategies can be implemented. In this episode, she highlights some of the hurdles we can all face including AI and new tech, proving your worth as a digital marketer and why you should be building a thought leadership platform.

Also featured in this episode

  • Tamara’s backstory – from registered nurse to world renowned entrepreneur
  • Why you should find your niche
  • How remote workforces are the future
  • Tamara’s business model of collaboration not competition and why it works
  • How storytelling is vital for the modern digital marketer
  • Proving a marketer’s worth using data and statistics
  • Why all of our expectations are changing because of AI
  • The human-machine relationship  and the risks we all face
  • Creating a thought leadership platform and standing out from the competition
  • How to choose the right social platforms for the content you share
  • The real reason you should keep it positive and avoid politics


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