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Brisbane Event Wrap Up

Content Opportunities in 2020

Thanks for attending Content Opportunities in 2020 in Brisbane this week! We hope that you enjoyed the event and connected with some peers. Please find the speaker presentations from the event below along with links to any videos shown during the event. We’ve also linked to their LinkedIn page so you can connect with them online.

Presentation 1: Izzie Kalaja, Content Strategist, Deloitte Digital
Marie Kondo Your Content

Izzie on LinkedIn

Presentation 2: Alissia Oddi, Social Media and Content Specialist, City Beach

Social Content at City Beach
Videos Shown:
City Beach video from Tangalooma

Alissia on LinkedIn

Presentation 3: Luke Wheatley, Creative and Content Manager, Flight Centre

Content Direction at Flight Centre
Videos Shown:
48 Hour Destination Season 2 Trailer
Top 50 Travel Experiences for 2020
Top things to do in Vanuatu

Luke on LinkedIn

Presentation 4: Sarah Mak, CEO, TheStoryBoxes

Storytelling and Shared Value
Videos Shown:
A.1. Sauce video
SheStarts Documentary Trailer
Frontiers Trailer
UCG Reel

Sarah on LinkedIn

Plus, make sure you connect with your host Louisa on LinkedIn too!

We hope you enjoyed the seminar and look forward to seeing you at another event soon! If you have any feedback on the event that you’d like to share with us, please get in touch.


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