We know that many minds are better than one and now marketers have an opportunity to collaborate and leverage input from their peers on a regular basis in The Circle, a mastermind program for senior marketers.

The Circle was first launched in 2018 and due to popular demand, is now open for new applications for members in Brisbane.

The challenges facing marketers

Marketers are working in a fast-moving industry where there are always changes to technology and techniques to stay across. As marketers move into management roles, they are also likely to have teams to manage and big decisions to make about budgets, campaigns, technology, data, customer needs and priorities.

Modern marketers have a complex role and it's impossible to do this job alone. Marketers need a solid support network, informed input and exposure to other successful approaches and industries to get results.

Collaborate in a marketing mastermind

If you want to take your output to a new level, a mastermind group will allow you to move beyond the generic marketing information found on every blog and website and move to a truly personalised, collaborative environment where you can expand your network, build solid relationships and get input on the big decisions, challenges and opportunities that form part of your role.

In addition to these mastermind days, The Circle members also gain insights from mentors around the world, get invites to exclusive events and are part of a private online community where the focus is on achieving outcomes in a collaborative environment.

What is a marketing mastermind?

Joining a high performing marketing mastermind can help give you a fresh perspective, validation and exposure to new strategies.

Each group is made up of 6-10 Circle members who come together each quarter for a full day marketing mastermind day where they have the opportunity to get personalised input and ideas from other senior marketers. It's one of the only ways marketers can have deep conversations about their work and get valuable input specific to their situation from others.

What our members say

For members of The Circle, the value of surrounding themselves with like-minded people has brought them both empowerment and confidence. Circle member Pam Policar from yourtown, says “the confidence I get from being involved in The Circle has enabled me to be more strategic in my approach and to impact how I influence others”. Deborah Manning from Autodesk says marketing is in a state of disruption and being part of The Circle allows her to grow within her role and find other people with a different perspective. Ashleigh Conwell from Flight Centre also gets value from being part of an open forum to share challenges where everyone lets down barriers and gets tangible advice from others who are going through similar things. You can read more about their experiences here.

If you are an experienced marketer and want to benefit from regular face-to-face sessions with peers to discuss strategy, solve challenges and take your output to the next level, apply to be part of The Circle.