Digital Drinks


Digital Drinks

Thursday 27th July 2022, Bar Pacino

Subtotal $35.00

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Thursday 3rd August 2023
5:30pm – 7:30pm
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Marketing and Digital Marketers.
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Digital Drinks

Thursday 27th July 2022, Bar Pacino

Subtotal $35.00

GST (10%) $3.50

Total due $35.00

James Haydon

Data & Measurement Lead @ Google

Google Analytics is back and with more capabilities than ever before!

What should you do?

Orienting and upskilling your team to smoothly integrate GA4 into your data analytics. 

James will cover

  • What GA4 is 
  • Why you should prepare for it
  • How to prepare for it

Jen Beirne

Head of Marketing and Brand Partnerships @ Amazon Alexa

We have only seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to voice!

What should you do?

Optimising your brand’s voice capabilities should be an organisational priority.

Jen will cover:

  • Smart Speakers
  • Audience Insights
  • Successful Case Studies
  • The Future of Voice

Saxon Dixon

Co-founder & Experience Director @ Zebrar

AR and VR are reinventing customer journeys through hands-on and immersive experiences.

What should you do?

Focus on the integration of immersive tech within your brand’s marketing mix!

Saxon will cover:

  • AR/VR today
  • Successful Case Studies
  • Future directions

Dr Scott Bolland

AI futurist, The Agile Life (Podcast)

AI is already streamlining processes and making decisions on your behalf, what’s next?

What should you do?
With technological advances likely to disrupt the future of your job, harnessing an adaptable and resilient mindset is crucial.

Scott will cover:

  • The historical trajectory of AI and where we are now 
  • Practical examples 
  • Using design thinking to navigate the future

What Will We Cover?

Digital Drinks

Thursday 27th July 2022, Bar Pacino

Subtotal $35.00

GST (10%) $3.50

Total due $35.00

How do you get ready for the future while being practical?



Best Practice

Case Studies

Key Actions


  • What’s coming, how do I keep ahead of the trends?
  • What are case studies of these technologies in marketing practice now?
  • Is there anything I can do with a smaller speculative budget?
  • What are examples of innovation done badly?

Google Analytics 4

  • Is it as difficult as it seems – do you really need to relearn everything?
  • Will you lose your tracking data if you do it wrong?

Artificial Intelligence

Conversational AI, AI-driven content & marketing optimisation

  • Just how much will AI be able to do?
  • Will AI become the perfect partner, or is it another technology for us to babysit?

Virtual/Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality & (Metaverse)

  • What exactly IS the Metaverse, what will it mean?
  • How does the business world fit into the Metaverse?

Voice Commerce & Search

  • Technologically, we’re at the tip of the Voice Iceberg. Where can you start using it to your advantage?

Event Inclusions

Digital Drinks

Thursday 27th July 2022, Bar Pacino

Subtotal $35.00

GST (10%) $3.50

Total due $35.00

4x Experts



  • The opportunity to meet and network with other marketing professionals
  • Selected wine, beer and soft drinks will be included in the ticket price
  • Canapes served during the event
  • A beautiful location and social environment


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Digital Drinks

Thursday 27th July 2022, Bar Pacino

Subtotal $35.00

GST (10%) $3.50

Total due $35.00

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