Saving you time by keeping current

There is soo much going on with Artificial Intelligence, how do you stay up to date?

We want to help keep you connected and informed with the industry in the most efficient way possible.

The AI Insights Bank will create an ‘Industry Briefing’ that will:

  • Bring together perspectives and experiences across the industry – distilled into a report.
  • Provide balanced expert commentary on what the key events and direction within the industry.

You will get:



Best Practice

Key Actions

What would be included?

The ‘Industry Briefing’ will have two components:

Distilled Industry Perspectives

Created from the collected perspectives of our network, which will include:

  • What people are doing?
  • What is working (or not)?
  • What tools and resources are helpful?
  • What people are loving & hating?
  • Top problems

This would produce a statistical industry report that summarise key insights and findings in a visual and bitable format :

You could for example see (hypothetically):

  • 43% of marketers are using ChatGPT every day.
  • 78% of marketers want to be doing more with AI.
  • 34% are using Generative AI for their campaign assets.

Industry Expert Perspectives

We will put together a panel of AI industry experts, who will provide their combined view on:

  • What are the important things that have happened?
  • Where is the consensus forming? What is controversial?
  • What are the big ideas?
  • What is next?

We would see that we would capture and publish perspectives similar to what we are doing in the Linkedin Group.

How will it work?

We will bring together the accumulative perspectives of what people are seeing in the industry.

  • It is an ongoing industry pulse (survey) on AI practice.
  • We are designing the pulse to take no more than 5 minutes.
  • The survey would be collected and it’s results distributed on a regular basis.
  • The output of the Insights Bank would be provided exclusively to those who contributed their perspective.
  • The Insights Bank would provide a distilled summary of what is going on, and what is working in the industry.


How would you use this information?

Keep ahead of the curve

Consume the insights and talk to your boss and colleagues about your inside knowledge.

Practice Summary

Save time on getting across what works and what the new ideas are.

Are there must have tools that you aren’t aware of?

Inform choices

Determine where you should invest your time on AI?

Industry Benchmarking

Where does your organisation stand against others in the industry?

Have you missed something that is happening in AI?

Find & Contribute to Local & Relevant Perspectives

Dont have time to write a blog and manage an ongoing social presence, just give us your thought!

Get ahead of the big ideas & changes

See the trends as they happen, not after they happened.

Find out what our experts think are the next big things.

Who do we want?

We are seeking 100 people to be foundation members of the community.

Expected Investment:

  • Foundation Reference Members – 10 mins / month
  • Industry Reference Members – 5 mins / month

Expected Return

  • Recognition as a Foundation Member
  • Time saved keeping across AI in Marketing
  • Continued access to the AI Insights Bank ‘Industry Briefings’ – And any other ‘Industry Briefings’ that could come from other future Community efforts.
  • Enhanced networking opportunities with Marketers interested in Artificial Intelligence

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