Spotlight on Digital Acquisition

Upcoming Event: 18th March |  8:30am-10:30am | Live online

Please note:
Due to coronavirus developments, we have made the decision to move this event online.  We hope you can join us as a virtual ticket holder live on Wednesday morning, plus you’ll get access to a copy of the recording and slides. Details to log on to the live session will be emailed to you.

As marketers, much of what we do is about acquiring the next lead, subscriber or customer.
So how do you choose which acquisition method will stand out, get cut through and work for your brand?

At this event we unpack digital acquisition campaigns that have been successful online. Our speakers will showcase how they structure their campaigns to attract their target audience, encourage opt in and deliver ROI, plus, what they do once they get permission to communicate.

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Our Speakers

Brittney Kenward, Digital Marketing Manager, Grant Thornton
Brittney will share how Grant Thornton use webinars as a B2B acquisition tool and why they’ve been doubling down on this activity. Brittney will talk about what works and what doesn’t, how they evaluate and score the leads collected and the best practice follow up used.

Darren Sutton, Partner, XCOM
Darren will share a best practice guide to running competitions to grow your subscriber base and win new customers. Find out how to set up your competition for success, how to measure the value of an email address and how you can best nurture new subscribers once the competition has concluded.

Carla and Emma Papas, Founders, The Merrymaker Sisters
This segment will be a special interview in which Louisa will ask Carla and Emma to share how they generate leads across their business. Louisa will be asking about how they use challenges, trials, free classes and lead magnets to drive acquisition, and the process to convert these into new customers.

Kat Warboys, Head of Marketing ANZ, Hubspot
As technology continues to advance, the way people are choosing to interact with businesses is also evolving. According to a recent study by Facebook, one-to-one messaging is becoming a preferred way to communicate across generations. Kat will share how Hubspot and other businesses are using messaging (think Facebook Messenger, onsite chat and bots) in their acquisition process. She will outline the value of the immediate response and cover some steps in how to implement a conversational strategy in your business.

Our Speakers Will Cover

– How to acquire targeted subscribers via competitions
– Lead magnets; what works best and when to use them
– The role of webinars in B2B acquisition
– How a challenge can be the incentive you need
– The low down on free trials
– How you can use bots, messenger and chat in your acquisition process

This event is for marketers who want to stay across the latest ways to acquire customers and prospects online. Don’t miss this opportunity to see behind the scenes on the strategies for these popular campaign frameworks. Get your virtual ticket below.

Our Speakers

Brittney Kenward

Digital Marketing Manager

Grant Thornton

Darren Sutton



Carla and Emma Papas


The Merrymaker Sisters

Kat Warboys

Head of Marketing, ANZ


Event Details

8:30am – 10:30am, 18th March 2020
Live online via Zoom + access the recording


– At this online event we will have three slide presentations
– We will have one live interview with the Merrymaker Sisters.
– There will be audience interaction and time for you to ask your questions too!
– We’ll still be giving away some great prizes!

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