I was reading Ann Handley’s recent newsletter and she shared some great tips about things that every email newsletter should include. The list started with (1) a clear niche and (2) a clear point of view within that niche. It got me thinking about my niche and point of view. Whilst these are pretty clear to me, it made me wonder if it’s clear to those around me and if others have spent the time on this activity too. When we're communicating with others, it's never been so important to make sure we stand for something and to be clear in our position. There is too much competition across the world to stand for nothing or to not be passionate about and differentiated in how we feel about what we do. If we don't stand for something, then we stand for nothing. But if you'd asked me ten or even five years ago what I stood for, I'm not sure I would have had the answer.  At least not in a meaningful, true and differentiated way. Here's how I answer now: I’m a marketer, working with marketers. Here are the things I’m super passionate about for marketers:
  • Every marketer should be setting goals and tracking against them
  • We all need to have a method for prioritising our work so that we can focus on what matters
  • We shouldn’t try to use every tactic and channel but rather, focus on the ones that have the biggest impact (think 80/20 rule)
  • We need to work efficiently so that we don’t feel overwhelmed
  • Constant learning and upskilling is essential in an industry where the tools and technology keep changing and customers expectations evolve so quickly too
  • In marketing there are no right or wrong answers and the best way to figure out the way forward is by talking to one another and sharing experiences and ideas
  • Marketers should share their good work and raise their profile, market yourself.
  • We don’t need to work it out from scratch, success leaves clues
  • Marketers need to be thinking about the ROI of their role and how they are adding value to the business that they work for
Hopefully, these beliefs come through in the way we conduct ourselves at Interactive Minds and the way I write, the events we hold and the newsletters we distribute. (If not, be sure to let me know!)

What do you stand for?

Is the organisation you work for crystal clear about what they stand for and do they have a clear point of view that they communicate with the world? If not, perhaps it's worth some more thought. Knowing your niche is pretty straight forward, but it's the step deeper around your point of view that requires agreement. And what about you as an individual and as an employee? Do you have a unique point of view or perspective that you can share? What is the lens that you look through? Most CMOs I know have this sorted. If you don't, now is the time to get clear.