It’s a wrap! Social Media Marketing World 2019 has concluded. Here is my summary of Day 3 brought to you in a short read! With sessions from marketing royalty like Ann Handley, Jay Bayer, Mari Smith, Mark Schaefer and Amy Porterfield, there are some gems below!

Session 1: Facebook Marketing In a Changing World: Your Roadmap For The Future by Mari Smith

Key Takeaways
  • You can improve your Facebook organic reach using the Mari Method.
  • The future is coming and includes Facebook coin, the Facebook family of apps
  • Look at TikTok app
  • Publish regular engaging video content
  • Embrace Instagram and Facebook stories (create ads for stories too)
  • Integrate messenger marketing (inc. WhatsApp & Insta)
  • Build Community in Niche Groups
  • Get back to the human element of social

Session 2: How To Show Up Like A Pro With Live Video: Success Secrets To Push Past The Fear Of Going Live by Amy Porterfield

Key Takeaways:
  • Be vulnerable, but also add value. This is when your audience will show up.
  • Use Instagram stories as cheater videos - 15 seconds and they go away in 24 hours + they aren’t live. Show your face. Do these direct to camera a few times a week.
  • Go live at least once a week. Same day and same time every single week.
  • Prepare, but don’t script.
  • ALWAYS have a freebie to offer off the back of your live video
  • Live video and list building go hand in hand
  • Live video can differentiate you from everyone else.

Session 3: How to write an email newsletter that people clear their schedules to read by Ann Handley

Key Takeaways
  • 97% of brands have email programs!
  • Newsletters: We tend to focus on the “news” part of that word and think of it as a distribution strategy for our content. Rather, we need to be thinking about the “letter” piece and the communication. Don’t send your newsletters from “no-reply”!
  • People want to hear more about themselves and less about your brand or promotion
  • Write your newsletter for “one person” (make it a real person that you know). Be specific, add details and colour. It makes it not just personal to one person, but universal enough to be relevant.
  • Don’t just share a headline and a link in a newsletter, tell me why it matters to me.
  • Make it a “slow-cial” media moment - ask a question, engage.
  • Connect the newsletter to a Facebook group - discuss the topics, get feedback on other topics that in turn feed your newsletter content.
  • Consider what need the newsletter fills + ask them/engage when they subscribe.
  • Develop your differentiation as a communicator
  • People will scroll for a story. Incentivise them to get to the end.

Session 4: How to turn your customers into volunteer marketers by Jay Bayer

Key Takeaways
  • If your customer aren’t telling your story, nobody will hear your story
  • Don’t expect people will find out you have a good business and tell others about it.
  • Competency keeps customers, it doesn’t get customers.
  • The 4 requirements of a talk trigger: remarkable, repeatable, reasonable, relevant.
  • Examples of good talk triggers: extremely long receipts from CVS, UberConference’s hold music Make one unconventional choice and repeat it every day.

Session 5: Tools And Tactics To Optimise Your Content Marketing by Ian Cleary

Key Takeaways
  • Start by leveraging your existing content. Look at what is performing well and double down on that. Find your top performing pieces of content and add in content upgrades - add in an opt in (lead magnet) for a checklist or similar.
  • SEMRush has content optimisation score plugin that updates as you write it
  • Video helps you get there quicker with less effort, though you have to produce it
  • Link your old content to new content to share the value.
  • Loop content into a core pillar and related content. Link from your guest posts on external sites back to your related articles.
  • Create more linkable assets - guides, research reports, utilities
  • Who can you partner with to produce (or access) data and to identify some themes or review of that information -> create content

Session 6: Social Media Reimagined: How To Adapt To A World Without Loyalty by Mark Schaefer

Key Takeaways
  • There is a backlash from customers against organisation’s attempt to demonstrate loyalty.
  • 13% of customers are loyal, the rest shop around.
  • Customers are ad-free, loyalty-free, funnel-free world where nobody believes marketers.
  • Marketing has always been, and still is, all things human.
  • “The best piece of content advertising I have seen in 5 years” (video here)
  • The customer is the hero and the marketer. The company is there to help people belong.
  • #1 Marketing isn’t about our story, it’s about their story.
  • #2 Personal brand is now the company brand
  • #3 Live experiences change everything
  • #4 Your culture is your marketing
  • #5 Build peak moments into your customer’s experiences
  • It’s all about human centred marketing. If you’re doing things that people hate - stop it! Find out what people love.
  • Be more human, the most human company wins.
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