When people talk about Amazon the types of phrases that come to mind are “global retail giant”, “ecommerce leader”, “innovation leader” and increasingly “product ecosystem”. But after several discussions with various Amazon employees in the last few months, I have a few to add to that list: “mobile first focus” and “app expert”.

Talking with Mike Hines, Developer Evangelist at Amazon, there is no doubt that these two areas are a key focus of Amazon and indeed are fundamental to the success to date and the future of this impressive company. It doesn’t take much research to see the focus that Amazon is placing on the mobile area. Indeed a simple search in the Apple app store shows the following Amazon apps as available for download: Amazon (mobile shopping) Amazon Prime Video Amazon Kindle Amazon Prime Photos Amazon Seller Amazon Drive Amazon Chime Amazon WorkDocs Amazon AppStream Basic Client Amazon QuickSight AWS Console Amazon Music Amazon Alexa and the list goes on… In line with other dominating global organisations, Amazon has taken the approach of creating different apps for each customer job to be done. Facebook takes a similar approach, as does Google and many others. In his presentation, aptly named “We found your customer and they are on Mobile” Mike Hines will share Amazon’s approach to mobile and apps when he speaks at the Interactive Minds Digital Summit event later this month. You can expect to see some insights into the way Amazon believe mobile will play a role in the future of shopping as well as how they build a mobile customer relationship. Amazon App Store  An important part of the Amazon ecosystem has been the Amazon App store which launched in 2011. If you have an Android phone, then the Amazon app store is available to you and with over 800,000 active apps and nearly 30,000 new releases submitted in just the last 90 days, this app store has experienced serious growth in the last few years. Needless to say, Amazon is quite the expert in apps. They have not only personal experience but the insights and observation of thousands of other apps and developer interaction to know what is working and what isn’t and what consumers are responding to. We can’t wait to hear more about this topic in the exclusive Masterclass that Mike Hines will run for Interactive Minds while he is in Brisbane this month. This half-day class is limited to just 15 people. If you are in retail, have an app or just want to know how to reach and engage your customers, these are two events to look out for: The Digital Summit 2017  19th July: Melbourne 21st July: Brisbane Masterclass with Amazon Increasing Downloads and Usage of Your Customer-Focused Mobile App 24th July: Brisbane