Louisa Dahl

About Me

Louisa is a digital marketing and business professional with over 17 years experience and is the CEO of Interactive Minds. Nearly nine years ago Louisa started Interactive Minds to provide digital professionals with the opportunity to connect, share and learn from each other. Interactive Minds now runs 20 events a year across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

My blog posts

Free Tools That Marketers Love

Last week at Interactive Minds in Brisbane, we invited three marketers to lift the hood on their MarTech stack to show us the tools and systems they use to do their job. As part of this, we asked them to share their favourite free digital marketing tools. With the help of our friends at Lamb Agency, over 100 marketers in attendance on the day were also polled and provided their input on the free marketing tools they value the most. 

Why marketers should create a personal website (in a weekend)

This weekend just past I built a personal website. It has been on my to do list for most of this year and it’s now September and I just hadn’t got to it yet. So, I decided to stop waiting and just start.

August Mastermind Tips Shared

This week, I sat down with a small group of digital marketers in our first Interactive Minds Mastermind session. It was amazing!We spent the full day on all things digital marketing, discussing challenges and making suggestions, giving input and talking through ideas. Each participant came to the day with a specific challenge to share and also we selected some additional discussion topics as a group which were covered. Throughout the day we talked about social media, integrated marketing campaigns, resources, stakeholder management, content strategy and more. Each participant also set a no fail goal based on our discussions to achieve in the next 90 days.Tips to ShareAs we talked I made some notes of some general tips that came up on the day and I’d like to share those with you now: