UX and the Customer Journey

Sept. 20, 2017, 8 a.m.

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UX and the Customer Journey

It is no longer enough for marketers to simply target their audience. It is well accepted that the better you know your customers, the bigger competitive edge you can build and the more value you can create for them. 

With this customer-centric shift in mind, the implementation of user experience (UX) techniques to enable fast and efficient customer decisions, is no longer a nice to have but is now extremely vital.

At this event we will explore how marketers are merging the best practices of both UX and marketing to keep themselves user-focused and drive their strategies forward. Our speakers will share their experience in creating UX focused customer journeys to achieve digital marketing results.

Our expert speakers will discuss:

  • How to use data to guide user experience design
  • Best practice user experience in 2017
  • Examples and lessons from customer journey mapping
  • How to focus on the right points in the customer journey and create real value
  • Examples of how increased customer focus has improved tactical implementation

Join us to look beyond the buzz words to understand how you can better leverage customer knowledge.

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Our Speakers

Henry Cho, Head of Mobile User Experience & AI, Upwire

Henry is a veteran UX professional with over 17 years' experience including 10 years in mobile UX. Since graduating from Startmate (Australia's Y-Combinator), he has been a driving force behind building lean UX practices in Australia at an enterprise level as well as coaching start-ups around Australia through programs like Slingshot and Sydney Genesis.

Henry has a passion for education and has taught hundreds of students directly, running the first UX course in Australia for General Assembly, created online programs for Design Lab in the US and mentors individuals and start-ups both locally and internationally.

Henry will be speaking directly to the mobile UX experience, sharing insights on best practice and the role of AI. 

Ryan Hoffman, Senior UX Designer, Hotels Combined

Ryan is a cross-functional UX designer with more than 10 years experience in visual design, UI design and web. Working within the award-winning UX team at Hotels Combined, Ryan is a strong advocate in believing a strong UX professional is one that has the ability to balance business goals and customer needs through functional, visually inspiring and engaging design.

Ryan will be talking about how HotelsCombined turns qualitative and empathetic research into usable artifacts (such as user journeys), and how they use it to inform design and decision making.

Brian Caoyonan, User Experience Lead, IAG

Brian Caoyonan is passionate about designing and delivering quality customer experiences, both online and offline, guided by discovery, research, best practice and above all, users. Having spent the past 7 years in enterprise UX environments, Brian places a lot of value in the Customer Journey Mapping process, a tool he uses to quickly bring multiple minds into alignment.

Christopher Marklew, UX/UI Head of Design, Salmat 

Chris is an award-winning design leader with more than 20 years experience in digital design. Chris has a proven track record of success in leading teams that deliver highly effective and engaging user interface designs. Currently, Chris leads the UX/UI team at Salmat.

Chris will be holding a special Q&A with our speakers before we open to the audience for questions.


Henry Cho

Henry Cho


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Ryan Hoffman

Ryan Hoffman

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Brian Caoyonan

Brian Caoyonan


Christopher Marklew

Christopher Marklew


Sept. 20, 2017
8 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.
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