Wrap Up: Social Media Marketing World 2019

Taking a trip to Social Media Marketing World

Earlier this month I flew to San Diego to attend Social Media Marketing World, a large conference run by Social Media Examiner with over 4,000 delegates in attendance. I attended this event not only to consider the content presented but also to ensure that Interactive Minds remains at the cutting edge of relevant trends, to see how an event of this scale runs and to meet and network with the speakers and other delegates.

I'm so glad that I went, as not only did I get to do all of these things, but it was great to have some time out of the office and to deep dive into social media, something we dabble with and intend to do more with. It was also nice to have some time away from the day to day and to get some perspective. Sometimes I think this is a little talked about side effect of attending industry events!

Sharing My Learnings

I am a big fan of sharing learnings, so at the end of each day I took a quick video outlining that day's highlights, plus released my notes and learnings in an article. That's over 25 hrs of conference workshops and presentations, packaged into a neat 10 minute reading option for you!  

Take a look at the daily videos and session summaries below or see the overall learnings at the bottom.

Day 1 

Read the event notes summary (3 mins) 

Day 2 

Read the event notes summary (4 mins) 

Day 3 

Read the event notes summary (3.5 mins)


Key take outs:

  • Is something not working? Have you got your why right? More importantly, have you asked why your customers want it (go deep and keep asking why 5 times!)
  • If you’re not using Facebook ad sequencing and deep audience groups, you’re missing out.
  • It’s our default to respond to new ideas with “no because”. If you change that up and go for “yes and” you’ll result in way more ideas, opportunities and innovation.
  • Successful marketers start with one channel and do it extremely well. Don’t try to start with everything or you’ll do it badly and be for no one.
  • Be consistent in your groups and community; “same time each week”
  • Newsletters should be less about the “news” and more about the “letters”
  • Always have a freebie to offer off the back of your live video.
  • What makes you memorable? Pick something meaningful and use it.
  • Leverage your best performing old content, to promote your new content + add to it to help it perform even more.


Social Media Marketing World is an annual conference run by Social Media Examiner for marketers and influencers.