Interactive Minds is Expanding

We are excited to announce that Interactive Minds is expanding our presence in 2017. For the first time events will be introduced to Sydney, whilst the number of events in Melbourne will increase. Brisbane will continue going from strength to strength with seven seminar events in the calendar for the new year.

Interactive Minds has appointed talented digital marketers as Chapter Directors across each of the three cities who will provide local direction and management of the events.

We are passionate about digital marketing and our events will always be run by Digital Marketers, for Digital Marketers.

The new Chapter Directors are Amber Dermoudy in Sydney, Christopher Phillips in Melbourne and Georgia Ball in Brisbane. Each city will host 6 or more seminar events in 2017 and will feature industry experts sharing case studies and learnings. 

Our new team are collectively really looking forward to providing even more professionals in the digital industry with the knowledge, information and networking to help them do their jobs better.

The full-day Digital Summit will also be returning in 2017 and will be held in Melbourne on July 19th and in Brisbane on July 21st and will feature 2 international keynotes and a host of expert digital speakers to share their knowledge and expertise.

Make sure you register to receive event updates to stay abreast of these exciting events. A February event in each city will be the first to be held in the new year and dates across the cities will be announced soon.


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