Are VIP Event Tickets Worth It?

I’ve had this question posed to me a few times recently, so I thought I’d share my answer with you.

You will often see VIP options available for big events, where you can purchase a higher bracket ticket to receive additional benefits.


Are they worth it?

Of course, it depends on each individual event and how they bundle their VIP offering, plus how much extra it will cost you to get the benefits.


The best way I find to evaluate whether VIP tickets are worthwhile is for you to look at the value of the benefits you’ll receive and compare that to the increase in price required for a VIP ticket.


As well as considering the financials, you should also consider if the non-monetary benefits are of interest to you. Some of these might not be accessible any other way (for example ways to have a conversation with speakers on the day) so the value in there might be for personal advice, your career progression or other. Anything that saves you time is also value you should consider.


Here’s how I’d recommend evaluating VIP benefits using The Digital Summit VIP ticket as an example.


In this case, a VIP ticket is $619 and a standard ticket is $519:

VIP Benefits Value
Get priority registration when you arrive so you have more time to network.

Time saving

Reserved seating at VIP tables in the conference hall,


Exclusive sit down lunch with the Digital Summit speakers on the day.

$40 meal + access to speakers

Have your headshot photo taken on the day by renowned portrait photographer Jason Malouin in a mini portrait session (you’ll receive the digital file after the event).

$300 headshot + convenience

Access a virtual pass after the event, with a recording of all sessions across the two cities to watch again in your own time.

$99 (upgrade price for existing ticket holders)


So the formula looks like this

Cost of VIP upgrade = $100

Monetary value of VIP benefits = $439+

That’s a 4.39 x multiplier on your dollar spend.


Rules of Thumb:

  • If the multiplier is 1 time (dollar for dollar) then there is no real benefit in the VIP option. You could buy these extras individually if you specifically want them.
  • If the value is 2-3 times it is likely to be good value for you and represents a cost saving.
  • If the benefits are 4 times or higher, you are likely to great monetary benefit and it’s a no brainer – do it!


If you want to book a VIP ticket for The Digital Summit, visit our website or contact us for an upgrade.